Every spring, summer, and fall we sponsor education courses at the farm. Our goal is to educate children and adults about our environment, nutrition, and the benefits of sustainable organic farming. We have host field trips from Chesterfield Elementary school as part of our Hayseeds Program. In the future we plan to have adventure packs for groups to take into the woods so that they can explore the outdoors on their own.

Each time a student comes to the farm they are challenged to learn and experience more about sustainable farming practices, eating in season and the benefits of buying locally grown produce. With each visit they are awarded a badge and rank. At the end of the course a student becomes a Beginning Farmer and is then empowered to go out and teach others what they have taken from the farm.

Students in the past have learned about

– where fruits and vegetables come from and what they’re made of

– the life cycle of cows, sheep, and pigs

– soil composition and horizons and what lives underground ( Bioturbation,the reworking of soils and sediments by animals or plants )

– the difference between laying chickens and roasting chickens (meat birds)

– how to plant a row of pumpkins

– ducks, and why they need water

– how to tell the difference between meadow grasses

– Alternative energy sources

– Trees and how they impact their lives.

You do not have to be part of a school or of any particular age to come and participate in the Hayseeds Program. We accept all groups: youth groups, girl/boy scout troops, book clubs, sewing circles, families, or just groups of friends. If you would like to organize a trip to the farm, please do not hesitate to reach out. Give us a call or send us an email any time.